2021-10-04 Update

What's new

  • Graphics have been updated to HD. The previous pixel-ish graphics have been completely replaced with smooth HD goodness
  • Itch page has been updated with new screenshots, descriptions, themes, fonts, etc.
  • Improvements to level design


Developer Comments

I devoted a lot of attention to exploring the mechanics to their fullest potential in this update. There are some really interesting and complex puzzles I've been able to create that require a decent amount of logic to solve. The update to HD graphics was something I'm shocked I didn't do sooner, it makes the game look polished on a completely different level than before. There are some other things in the works that I have planned but can't talk about yet, stay tuned for more cool stuff. :)

PS The last level is pretty absurdly hard, I'm experimenting to find the limit of how difficult levels should be made.


Oct 05, 2021


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